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Brigantines lead Parade of Sail_photo courtesy Port of LA90-minute Tall Ship Dockside Adventure

Explore the Official Tall Ships of Los Angeles – the twin brigantines, Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson. Discover an exciting shipboard environment where learning comes to life. Students will be introduced to the basics of sailing, shipboard terminology, and how to chart a nautical course. Time permitting, students will have the option of climbing aloft (up the mast with a safety harness, under the supervision of our well-trained crew). Through this interactive dockside program, students will experience practical applications of Math in a “real world” context and engage in a curious new vocabulary.

When you arrive to the Tall Ships, please wait outside the dock gate (do not enter the dock unescorted).  For schools participating through Beyond the Bell’s Summer Learning Program, we recommend calling the office at 310-833-6055 to confirm your pre-scheduled visit.  Be sure to wear closed-toe, soft-soled shoes.


Tall Ship Dockside Adventure

10:00am – Explore the Tall Ships and Discover How Boats Travel

11:30am – Lunch on the Tall Ships (bring your own lunch and beverage)

12:00pm – Disembark and head back to school


For upper elementary grades, suggested reading prior to your visit:

A Cleaner Port. A Brighter Future. The Greening of the Port of Los Angeles by Robyn C. Friend and Judith Love Cohen

This colorfully illustrated book includes an age-appropriate Glossary and three simple lesson plans on Oil Spill, Recycling and Habitats.  We are happy to mail you one copy of the book at no charge for use in your classroom courtesy of the Port of Los Angeles.  Call 310-833-6055 or email Anita@lamitopsail.org.


For middle school grades, suggested reading prior to your visit:

Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana Jr.

View from the Top of the Mast by Bungy Hedley

Master & Commander by Patrick O’Brian

Teachers, you may download our Instructors’ Guide to our Sail Training Logbook to prepare your students for a “fun” Navigation lesson they will receive as part of the Tall Ship Dockside Adventure (refer to the Chartwork section, pages 11-13).  Scroll down this web page to see a sample nautical chart and Anatomy of a Brigantine (introduces students to shipbuilding engineering and nautical terminology).


san pedro channel chartcompass_rose_650

Anatomy of a Brigantine

Please note that our office is located at Berth 73 but our ships are docked at Berth 78 (in Ports O’ Call Village near the San Pedro Fish Market).

Los Angeles Maritime Institute | TopSail Youth Program

Aboard the Tall Ships Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson

Docked at Berth 78, San Pedro, CA 90731 (Ports O’ Call Village)

Tel: 310.833.6055

Email: Info@lamitopsail.org

To book the TopSail Youth Program or schedule a Tall Ship Dockside Adventure visit, email: Alice.Taylor@lamitopsail.org