Los Angeles Maritime Institute

Deckhand Qualifications

Deckhand Qualifications

The following United States Coast Guard approved minimum competencies (from the LAMI Sail Training Logbook) and enrollment in a random drug testing program are required for all watch-standing, “Deckhand” qualified LAMI personnel:

Junior Part A – 1 Be able to steer by compass, wind, landmarks, and orders

Junior Part A – 2 Knots: bowline, reef, clove hitch, figure 8, sheet bend, rolling hitch

Junior Part A – 3 Coiling, belaying, line handling

Junior Part A – 4 Know life jackets, rings, rafts, MOB pole, flares, first aid kits, fire extinguishers

Junior Part A – 5 Operation of escape hatches, heads, and black and grey water pumps

Junior Part A – 6 Describe correct MOB procedure

Junior Part A – 7 Safe climbing; orders for aloft and deck support

Junior Part B – 1 Pinrail diagram: identify basic halyards, sheets, and gear

Junior Part B – 2 Sea terms, sails, and rigging

Junior Part B – 3 Theory and terms for maneuvering under sail

Junior Part B – 4 Score 80% on a chart and rules of the road test

Intermediate 3 – Prepare vessel for departure (checklists) and docking procedures

Intermediate 4 – Organize and lead a watch aboard ship

Intermediate 6 – Understand and execute basic safety procedures

Intermediate 14 – Flooding and abandon ship procedures

Intermediate 15 – “Look out” procedures; familiarity with compass and relative bearings

Senior 2 – Teaching education modules

Senior 5 – A & B Fire on board – appropriate methods of extinguishing

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