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Featured Resource: Honors Marine Biology Course Materials

by Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman has made his entire Marine Biology course available for download. This material is aligned with the Castro/Huber Marine Biology Textbook. Each chapter includes text, photo, presentation and video materials. Tests and exam questions are provided. Projects, labs and links to related materials elsewhere on the internet are available for some chapters. The course has been broken down into smaller pieces to help our friends in other countries with slow internet.

Chapter 1 – Science of Marine Biology (8MB)

Chapter 2 – The Sea Floor (156MB)

Chapter 3 – Chemical & Physical Features (178MB)

Chapter 4 – Basics of Biology (121MB)

Chapter 5 – Microbial World (91MB)

Chapter 6 – Multicellular Primary Producers – Seaweed & Plants (220MB)

Chapter 7 – Invertebrates (314 MB)

Chapter 8 – Marine Fish & Vertebrates (357MB)

Chapter 9 – Marine Reptiles, Birds & Mammals (351MB)

Chapter 10 – Introduction to Marine Ecology (97MB)

Chapter 11 – Between the Tides (47MB)

Chapter 12 – Estuaries (7MB)

Chapter 13 – Kelpforests (21MB)

Chapter 14 – Coral Reefs (187MB)

Chapter 15 – Life Near the Surface (4MB)

Chapter 16 – Ocean Depths (19MB)

Chapter 17 – Resources from the Sea (77MB)

Chapter 18 – Human Impact on the Marine Environment (219MB)

Chapter 19 – Ocean & Human Affairs (17MB)

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